Friday, March 19, 2010

Anime Evolution 2009

We got to the hotel about noon this time, and we got a room right away!
I claimed my half of the bed right away!
heh heh. ^^

Afterwards, Mommy and I went over to the convention centre. It's so big and new and shiny!

There were huge windows and I could watch the ships all go by. *happy sigh*

Mommy and I just sat around for hours! ♥

Later on, Mommy spotted Dazzler! :D

Then I got hungry so I ate this huge burger! I was so happy!

And fries too of course!

Then a strawberry roll cake for dessert! Hey! I've got to eat a lot, I'm a growing chibi cyborg after all!

Then I met this penguin. He didn't say much.

After a long day out, we made it back.

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