Sunday, April 18, 2010

SakuraCon 2010

Like most conventions Mommy takes me to, we arrived pretty late so it was just time for bed for me! ^^;

The next day Mommy took me to the convention center. I thought it looked familiar, and Mommy explained we also came here for ECCC 2010 earlier. ^_^ The view of Seattle is nice, huh?

At the convention I saw Batman and Superman. I thought Superman was supposed to be taller than Batman?

I also saw this Gundam! Wow! =D

Everything was so much fun! Then.. uh-oh. Mommy and I ran into Daddy "THAT MORON". Then Mommy got in a bad mood again. >_<

Mommy told me to distract "THAT MORON". Easy! =D But he got away before Mommy could do anything. >_< So Mommy kept trying to plan on how to get him for the rest of the day.

The next day Mommy and I ran into this other woman who sort of looks like Mommy. They talked for a little bit...

Then the other woman tried to grab me away from Mommy but Mommy wouldn't let go of me. >_<

But guess who showed up again? Daddy! "THAT MORON". So Mommy and the other lady decided to fight him instead. ^^;

YAY! ^_________________^

The rest of the convention was fun after Mommy and that other lady beat up "THAT MORON:". =D These are some new friends I made at the convention!

I met these bananas too! =D

Mommy met the Ewok we ran into at ECCC again! ^____^

Here's Mommy with Rogue!

And Mommy with Mystique and Shadowcat!

*phew* That was a fun convention! =D

When we got home Mommy surprised me!

She bought me an ice cream cone and a mandarin orange! YUMMY! ^_____________^

So that was SakuraCon 2010! I can't wait for my next convention with Mommy! It's going to be San Diego Comic Con in July!