Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Diego Comic Con pt.1

Hello everyone! ^_^ Sorry for my late travel blog, but Mommy and I got sick after our trip. ^_^; But San Diego Comic Con was fun! I don't think I've seen such a big place before!

I had a yummy muffin for breakfast before going on the plane!

Looking though the window at the airplanes is so cool.

After getting to our hotel, Mommy and I rested a bit.

There was this other chibi there.. I think his name was Ben. Mommy says I met him in Seattle too back during ECCC.

The convention hadn't started yet so we walked around San Diego's Gaslamp district. hee hee. You could tell Comic Con was taking place because so many stores had comic stuff.

First look at the Exhibit Hall of Comic Con!


The next day was the start of the actual convention and I saw a lot more chibis! But they were all tied up to a wall. :(

I saw these different coloured lanterns. I don't know what they're for.

At Marvel, I met this Deadpool who was being very mean to me. >_<

Mommy says that's some guy named Stan Lee in the middle. I don't know why so many people were trying to take his photo.

I met this other Deadpool there though and he was so much nicer to me! :D


Me and Spiderman!

Uh, I don't know what this is. A giant chicken nugget???

A haha! It's a Bart Simpson statue!

WOW! These lego Toy Story Buzz and Woody must have taken hours and hours to make!

After walking around the Exhibit Hall a bit, Mommy and I went back to this Marvel place and they let me sit on the throne! Mommy says this is a copy of the throne of Asgard. I think that's where Thor lives? I'm not sure.

Mommy sat with me afterwards. ^_^

After, I saw more cool stuff like Captain America's shield!

And I got to hold Thor's hammer!

Iron Man seems to be stuck in one position.

This is supposed to be Bumblebee.

This is some sort of giant lantern. It's shiny and green.

Mommy and I leaving the convention after a long day!

The next day, Mommy and I went back to the convention early and we ran into Iron Man! :D

Then Logan picked me up by my neck. >_<

This is me, Mommy and Psylocke.

Mommy wanted to try sitting on the fake Asgard throne again. ^_^

And this is me and Mommy with everyone else at the Marvel place.

Mommy says this guy's name is Terry Dodson. He drew a picture of Mommy. ^_^

We ran into Gambit, Shadowcat, Lockheed and Psylocke.

Papa Smurf! haha!

After a long day, Mommy and I were walking to go back to the hotel and I saw these strange things in the sky. They looked like giant gingerbread men. :D

Okay, I'm tired. I'll tell you more about my trip to San Diego Comic Con later! ^_^;

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Canada Day 2010

Happy Canada Day everyone!!! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SakuraCon 2010

Like most conventions Mommy takes me to, we arrived pretty late so it was just time for bed for me! ^^;

The next day Mommy took me to the convention center. I thought it looked familiar, and Mommy explained we also came here for ECCC 2010 earlier. ^_^ The view of Seattle is nice, huh?

At the convention I saw Batman and Superman. I thought Superman was supposed to be taller than Batman?

I also saw this Gundam! Wow! =D

Everything was so much fun! Then.. uh-oh. Mommy and I ran into Daddy "THAT MORON". Then Mommy got in a bad mood again. >_<

Mommy told me to distract "THAT MORON". Easy! =D But he got away before Mommy could do anything. >_< So Mommy kept trying to plan on how to get him for the rest of the day.

The next day Mommy and I ran into this other woman who sort of looks like Mommy. They talked for a little bit...

Then the other woman tried to grab me away from Mommy but Mommy wouldn't let go of me. >_<

But guess who showed up again? Daddy! "THAT MORON". So Mommy and the other lady decided to fight him instead. ^^;

YAY! ^_________________^

The rest of the convention was fun after Mommy and that other lady beat up "THAT MORON:". =D These are some new friends I made at the convention!

I met these bananas too! =D

Mommy met the Ewok we ran into at ECCC again! ^____^

Here's Mommy with Rogue!

And Mommy with Mystique and Shadowcat!

*phew* That was a fun convention! =D

When we got home Mommy surprised me!

She bought me an ice cream cone and a mandarin orange! YUMMY! ^_____________^

So that was SakuraCon 2010! I can't wait for my next convention with Mommy! It's going to be San Diego Comic Con in July!